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Scrum Notes is a simple-to-use iPad productivity application for Scrum Masters and Product Owners to organize scrum meetings, take notes, and generate reports.

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Launch date 1st March 2013 Also, Dont forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest greatest updates.

  • Scrum Masters

    Recording and reporting what happens in Scrum meetings is now a piece of cake with Scrum Notes for iPad!

  • Unlimited Projects

    Support an unlimited number of projects and easily manage project team members with a simple intuitive interface.

  • Email Reports

    Email the scrum report in PDF format to one or more emails that you configure.

  • Set-up and Customize

    Setup sprints and scrums in one easy step. Customize scrum days of the week (if not having daily scrums).

  • Attendance plus Notes

    Record attendance of team members for a scrum. Use a single screen to take notes of all standups during a scrum.

  • Backup and Restore

    Backup and email application data in one step. It's easy to restore backups with a click of a button.